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Back in 2002…

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Born in Kennewick, WA, Ryan was raised through the 1980’s and 1990’s by some of the best TV Shows, Movies, Cartoons, and Video Games  EVER created.  He was especially impacted by Back to the Future and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

After graduating high school, he moved to Venice Beach, CA, to pursue a career as a professional bodybuilder and make action movies just like his idol Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Although he never made is past amature level as a bodybuilder, he did have an interesting acting career as a photo-double for the rapper Eminem for several years doing music videos, movies awards, and world tours.

Settling down, he moved back to Seattle with his new wife – – whom convinced him that he needed to put his passion for math and science to use.  This lead to a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a career as a Theme Park Engineer.

Bored in class and going crazy from working and going to school full-time, his doodling in class one day in 2006 lead to the creation of the first Surfer Bat – Seth.  After graduating, he moved to Studio City, CA and the rest is history..


Ian Crowe

Ian grew up in Arlington, VA and moved to Los Angeles in 2010. Many forms of creativity surrounded Ian growing up; his father is an artist and master carpenter and his mother is a professional photographer (among other things). Ian was always dabbling in arts and crafts as a child and never quite grew out of that phase. He has been classically trained in various art media, but is largely self-taught.

Though he started out as an illustrator, Ian eventually realized his penchant for graphic design. While working as a brand ambassador for a variety of companies, he noticed common graphical denominators among those with more successful campaigns. In light of this, a major key to Ian’s ability as a graphic designer derives from his keeping current on branding and marketing trends. Ian continues to study successful promotional and creative techniques, and absorbs inspiration from all around him.

Ian draws all the time, whether he has a paying project or not. He also likes traveling, reading, free running/parkour, and writing.


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