I knew I was Going to Succeed! Creating a Successful Blog

This is a MUST CHECK OUT for any new blogger!  Great info from someone who did it right!  Great job!

I knew I was Going to Succeed! Creating a Successful Blog.

Don’t be self-evolved…

Wonder why you aren’t getting as many followers as you’d like?

When was the last time you went out of your way to check out somebody new’s project, status update, blog, Kickstarter, etc.?

Follow OTHERS dudes and dudettes!  There are so many little unknown projects by unknown people, like myself, where when somebody you don’t know likes, follows, or views your hard work…it really FEELS GREAT!  Feels like all your hard work and effort are somewhat validated and it gives you a little boost of hope and motivation to finish your project.

When you do that for others, often they will return the favor.  Do it because it’s right, not just to get followers.


So don’t try so hard just to get a large number of followers.

QUALITY over QUANTITY as the saying goes…

Don’t over SPAM!

One thing I’ve learned by simply reading other tweets.  You don’t want to come across to people as an annoying non-stop commercial that never ends.  Make sure you actually tweet good, funny, wise, or interesting tweets.  Only plug your product, event, etc., when it’s absolutely necessary and do not overly re-post.

Always follow back…

Tried and true.  Always follow back new “followers” and give them a shout out by tweeting something like “Thanks to all my new followers @SoCalSurferBats, @RyanShepard”.  It shows you are grateful, which is well recepted.