REVIEW: New TMNT Animated Series…

OK, OK,  so I finally watched my first episode of the new revamped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series and it was actually NOT BAD!  I thought some of the previews and commercials were cheesy, but the animation, story, and directing in this series blew me away!  Here are my pros and cons list:


The guy that did the original voice of Raphael from the 80s/90s version plays Donatello, Jason Biggs is Leonardo, and Sean Astin is Raphael.  They all do a great job.

The scenes are cut in a very cool way.

The animation, sound, and visual effects are stunning (especially for an animated series).

The series is fun, the characters are fun, its action-packed, and the humor is good.


Their lack of muscularity bothers me, the original TMNT has some muscle.  I blame this on the wussification of America over the last 10 years..

Michelangelo used to be most peoples’ favorite PARTY DUDE turtle, but the voice and character in this series is whiny and slightly annoying.  This does make the other turtles more appealing though.


All in all, I’m pretty impressed and love it more than the last version where the turtles didn’t have any pupils.  I still like the original animated series the best and the original comic book series the BEST, but this new series is pretty fun and entertaining.  It’s like a short movie with high quality animation, good directing, and writing.  Check it out… DUDES!

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