Change is inevitable…


Life is dynamic go with the flow, otherwise you will get stuck in a rut.


After the first 20 sheets have their first pass at the artwork complete (VERY SOON), we will reshuffle and evaluate the order, story, dialogue, and art to make sure they make sense and are the most engaging and exciting for the fans.  Already, we are going to have to re-order and tweak several sheets, but that’s really not bad after a single pass by the artist.  As we partner together on this project, every sheet becomes more and more spot on to what I envisioned in this wacky world.  Much props to my partner for this project and artist IAN CROWE.  He took on this project with me as a 50% partner on any comic he does, so I’m working hard and working the business end and pushing him to develop the best quality product that we can.

The major change is that I’m moving the Surfer Bats’ crash landing story line up to the beginning to establish that they are really the main characters.  In the original script I was getting too fancy with starting and stopping multiple story lines,  but I feel that Emmette (Dr. Sinclaire) was getting to much focus in the beginning, where it took away from the fact that the Surfer Bats (or their original alien form) are really the stars of the show.  Originally I though Slater was going to be the main character, but really he is the dude people can relate to that allow them to step (or fall into) the Surfer Bats’ world.

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