I am learning so much along the journey of making my first comic book.  I now am really beginning to fully appreciate the artform of comic book lettering.  Apparently there are some standard RULES that should be followed.  This link is a good resource to start with.  I also bought/obtained some new cool fonts from

Here is Sheet 1 BEFORE:

Here is Sheet 1 AFTER:

Here is Sheet 2 BEFORE:

Here is Sheet 2 AFTER:

MUCH MORE PROFESSIONAL!  We’ll get better as we go along, we are just having fun doing what we love which is creating cool stories, characters, and art.

Later Duuuuudez


  1. I think turning some of these grey tones into solid black would make them look much better/cleaner. They’re pretty muddy as it stands with so many greys, which will only get worse in print.

  2. Thanks for the feedback dude! Yeah, neither of us are professionally trained, but are learning a ton as we go and are passionate about making this a killer comic book. I just have the vision and the artist take my pencil scratch and words and turns it into some killer art. He is really getting better each sheet he does. I really am excited to get your feedback, it’s hard to get real opinions of your work when taking on a monster project like this. Feel free to comment on other sheets under the Episode 1 Sneak Peak section. I’m going through and re-lettering all the other sheets, he’s taking his first inking pass at the art for all 40 sheets. Then finally we’ll mark them all up and do a final pass at the art. RAD!

  3. Hi again~. I’d be more than happy to go into a little more depth with a critique if you’d like. I totally understand how difficult it can be to get feedback which is both backed up a certain degree of knowledge and also completely third person. It seems like in the art world, people are more interested in either criticizing or being far too nice.

    And you’re right, the examples here just with the lettering are a massive step forward.

    The critique might be a bit lengthy, is there anywhere in particular I can post it or an email you’d rather I sent it to?

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