How to turn your images into a Photo Showcase iPAD app (the EASY and CHEAP way!)


Want to turn your images into a Photo Showcase iPad App?  Use Photo Showcase App Project Source Code  (

Step 1:  purchase and download the software from here (choose the “Comic Project”)

Step 2:  Make sure all your comic book sheets are jpeg format image files.

NOTE:  If you have a pdf use Zamzar to convert it to jpegs online for free.

Step 3:  Re-name the image files in the order the sheets appear using the naming format  photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg, …, photo99.jpg

NOTE:  the file names are CASE SENSITIVE.  Make sure all letters are lower case and are .jpg NOT .jpeg

Step 4:  Edit the HTML format descriptions of the sheets.  Do this by opening up your TextEdit program under Applications.  Paste the following code:


<TITLE>This where your description goes</TITLE>

<IMG SRC=”photo1.jpg”>


Save this as a web page (.html) file with the name photo1.html, photo2.html, etc.

Step 5:  Download and install Xcode

Step 6:  Open the Photo Showcase App project in Xcode.

Step 7:  On the left pane, in the resources group, you will see the folders Photos and HTML.  Delete the example files from those folders

Step 8:  Right-click the Photos folder and add your files to the project (Add Files –> Existing Files)

Step 9:  Right-click the HTML folder and add the photo.html files you created

Step 10:  On the left-pane, click the file PhotoAppViewController.m, and find the block of code below (NOTE:  You will need to know the number of pages you have and Change the BOLD values):

//**User Customisation Begin**

//Please Enter Below the Total Number of Photos in Your App

photoCount = 4

//Users can share photos via email, here you can set the default email subject

//and message to display along side the photo

emailSubject=@”Check out this photo“;

emailText=@”Hey, thought you might like this…“;

//Please look in the PhotoApp-Info.plist to set the name of your App (Bundle Display Name)

//**User Customisation End**

STEP 11:  Click Build and Run to test your App on the iOS Simulator or your iOS device!

STEP 12:  You may also replace the Apps icon files by replacing icon72.png and icon57.png with your own images.

NOTE:  “.png” file format can be exported from open source photo editing programs like Gimp.  Also make sure you name your files the same exact name.

FINAL STEPS:  Submit the App to Apple per the instructions on the developer page