8-Bit Video Games — the EASY way!

Game Design:  THE ONLY WAY

  • This is the only difficult part.  Create a game design guide (reference the tutorials on the GameMaker website).
  • This will be expanded in a LATER post.

Game Programming:  THE EASY WAY

  • Use GameMaker Studio ($99).  Do the tutorials — easy to use and learn.

Game Graphics (aka sprites) – THE EASY WAY

  • Use Sprite!Something for iOS (iPad and iPhone).
  • Watch youtube tutorials.

Game Music and Sound Effects – THE EASY WAY

  • Use PixiTracker for iOS (iPad and iPhone)
  • Watch youtube tutorials

Can’t draw or program?? – Do it THE EASY WAY

  • Put in a Craigslist ad for 8-bit sprite artists, 8-bit music makers, and/or game programmers (list GameMaker in the Ad).
  • Create an artists agreement that completely defines all of the terms you feel are necessary and fair (make sure that you retain and own rights to all characters, story, music, etc.)
  • Pre-negotiate to split any profit made from sales of the game by a specific percentage (ex, 50%-50%)
  • Pre-negotiate a nice credit in the game and rights to use it in their demo reel